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(24x12, Acrylic and ink). Framed gold and ready to hang.


"Enchanted Twilight" invites viewers into a tranquil yet foreboding world of nature's splendor. This acrylic piece portrays a serene autumn landscape dominated by a captivating blend of purple and gold hues, casting a soft mystical spell. Overhead, brewing storm clouds hint at impending drama, adding depth to the scene.

In the foreground, an old wooden fence stands guard before a small outcrop of rocks, silently awaiting the tempest's arrival. Not a single human or animal graces this dusky landscape, enhancing the solitude of the moment. You might be reminded of Purcell’s ‘O Solitude.’ As you gaze upon this artwork, the peaceful emotions before the storm pull you in, urging your eyes to wander far into the distant horizon and up into the swirling, ominous clouds above. "Enchanted Twilight" captures the magic of nature's transition, inviting you to lose yourself in its spellbinding beauty.

Enchanted Twilight

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