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The Power of an Image

A few days ago, I asked a number of people who acquired, are in possession of or are somehow in contact with my work three specific questions:

1) How did you know my art was right for you?

2) What does it do for you now that you are living with it?

3) ) What, if anything, has changed or happened in your life because of this art?

I did this because I wanted to find out whether my life’s mission to inspire joyful & thoughtful resilience (particularly in women) would manifest itself in the art I create. I wanted to find out if I was somewhat on target in being an encouraging and supportive force in the life of those who are in contact with my paintings.

The results have been humbling and mind-blowing at once, and I am so very grateful for the feedback I received. People’s comments validated my being on track with my mission more than I could have ever hoped for and led me to realize that I have a gift that can truly be of service to others.

In sum, this is what people pointed out in terms of the ongoing value my art has in their life. My art speaks to them …

because of its gentleness and serenity which creates a peaceful environment for them;

because my color palette brings them joy;

because it makes them smile every time, they pass it;

because it helps their ability to work in a concentrated fashion;

because it has become part of the fabric of their identity;

because it aligns with a style that they love to begin with;

because it has been of support at some level in their survival while serving as a reminder not to despair;

because it takes them to a happy place whenever they look at it;

because it reminds them that life is not all about work;

because it touches their heart and their soul;

because it reminds them of (and lets them re-live) crucial experiences in their personal lives; because it transcends culture and country and speaks to them on an emotional level;

because my paintings elicit feelings of connection with humanity;

because they have led to a profounder interest in humanity and how we are perceived by others;

because my use of colors and shapes are reminiscent of another time and place and provide a sense of mystery and whimsy at the same time;

because they manifest that I have found (and proudly express) my own voice;

because they serve as a daily reminder that I followed my passion as an artist (and as such encourage others to recognize their own gifts and bring them to fruition);

because the eyes of my painted subjects speak volumes.

Why am I sharing this? The reasons are simple (though won through a long process): It serves no one to play small, and, at this point in my life, it’s time to turn up the dial to be even more expansive in my service.

It is in this spirit that I ask that you take a look at the work I present on my website and consider purchasing an existing (or commissioned) piece from me so I can continue, refine, and now do full-time what I have been doing for quite a while on a smaller scale.

Thank you!

Gerburg Garmann

(European Art Studio, Artist & Owner)

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