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The Artist Talks about Her Paintings... Piece 3

Over the next month, I will introduce a different artwork of mine each day. I hope you'll join me on this journey and enjoy the various pieces I have selected to this end. Piece 3: "Do You Know Where You Come from?" "Do You Know Where You Come from?" offers a thought-provoking embodiment of our perpetual quest for understanding our origins. The painting's subdued palette draws from a porcelain series, its muted colors creating a sense of familiarity with an intriguing twist. Strong geometric forms dominate the canvas; their edgy, yes, shard-like quality adds an air of intensity to the composition. The particles scattered throughout the piece point inward and outward, representing the ceaseless search for one's point of origin. Yet, despite our following their divergent paths, no clear solution emerges. Surprisingly, the composition's agitation doesn't overwhelm; it finds balance on a mustard-colored backdrop. This grounding hue unifies the viewer's exploration, and offers a platform to leap from shard to shard as if traversing our personal ice floes of identity. "Do You Know Where You Come from?" doesn't merely present an enticing puzzle but invites the viewer to join in the artist's exploration of said question on a deeper level. With each leap, we engage in our own journey of self-discovery, resonating with the unending examination of our beginnings and destinations.

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