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Someone Asked Me: "Why Would I commission a Piece of Art from You?"

Commissioning a piece of art is an adventure! It's based on curiosity, interest, stylistic preferences, and, above all, TRUST in the work of the artist. The benefit of owning a piece exclusively based on your needs (such as gifting someone because of a special occasion, serving as goal-setting support, as encouragement, as remembrance, as an exquisite means in your search for beauty, tranquility, or challenge etc.) is that as a one-of-a-kind original artwork it says "You" every time you or the recipient of this gift look at it. Owning a personalized piece of art (that fits your price range) also lets you appreciate its timeless and distinctive value. Owning this gorgeous “little extra” sets you apart because things made by hand are rare in today’s world. And your experience will be that there is no need to be satisfied with a simple print that also hangs in thousands of other living rooms.

If you are interested in learning more about the process of a commission and your step-by-step involvement, contact me at


Gerburg Garmann

(European Art Studio; Artist & Owner)

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