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Someone asked me: "Why do you paint?"

Here is my reply: Why do you paint and what inspires you?

Art allows for feelings of pure joy, happiness, vibrancy, satisfaction, as well as for remembrance of important moments in our lives. It inspires awe, provides us with a life-long companionship, and tickles our critical thinking. It can be an ally in supporting our goals if we simply look at it regularly; in fact, the “right” piece of art can serve as our daily anchor. Art is also an heirloom that connects generations. Women’s lives move me most. It’s women I want to inspire in particular to help build an attitude of joyful resilience and celebrate their uniqueness. My art is also meant to serve as a subtle reminder that we are still far away from having reached real equity and real inclusion.

Gerburg Garmann

(European Art Studio)

For more information check out my website at

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