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Season's Greetings from European Art Studio

The New Red Hat (Acrylic & Charcoal; 12x16)

Though I have lived and worked in the States for over 30 years now, I indulge in German holiday traditions this time of year. A good daily dose of strong coffee or tea with either Lebkuchen, Stollen, or Zimtsternen, cooking meals like Steckrübeneintopf (the way my grandmother and mother used to prepare it - google it, if you like:-), enjoying lots of candlelight, getting lost in a book I've been wanting to read for a long time, writing seasonal greetings to friends and family, deciding on gifts for loved ones while listening to concertos, and decorating the house, are the things I cannot do without in December. And painting, of course, such as 'The New Red Hat' above. What are your holiday traditions?

I hope you are enjoying this special time of year! And even a bit of snow is in the forecast for this weekend!

Season's Greetings!

(Gerburg Garmann, European Art Studio)

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