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Own a Piece of Published Art!

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

From my 'Scarred Beauty Series'

I am pleased to share that I have recently had the good fortune of seeing my artwork accepted for publication in the following journals:

Pieces of my Scarred Beauty Series in The Good Life Review

“The Good Life Review is committed to exploring the overlooked. Our mission is to lift the strange, the daring, the underrepresented; and reveal complexities hidden in the Heartland and beyond. We seek to elevate writing that takes risks and challenges perceptions, writing that haunts long after the last line.”

More (and different) pieces from my Scarred Beauty Series in Barzakh Magazine, published by the University of New Albany SUNY

“Barzakh is a multi-genre journal with an internationalist stance seeking work that transcends genre. “Barzakh” is a word/concept that names the connecting link, the “between” of something, such as different spheres of existence. As a temporal concept it can be, and historically was, considered an interval of time. For the great Arab mystic & poet Ibn Arabi, Barzakh is a kind of purgatory—the temporary and yet historical place which makes up this world where we live, love and labor, aware that what we need most to find our way through is what the poet John Keats called “negative capability,” i.e., the ability “of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason.” The Arabic word has the literal meaning of “barrier,” “veil,” and “curtain.” Thus, traditionally seen as a separator, it is however also and more interestingly thinkable as a “between” that links, a liminality that creates previously negated space, and in that sense can be translated as “isthmus.”


Hibiscus & Happy Hoops and Unlikely Sisters in Glassworks Magazine, published by Rowan University.

Glassboro, home of Rowan University, was founded as "Glass Works in the Woods" in 1779. The primacy of artistry, a deep pride in individual craftsmanship, and the willingness to explore and test conventional boundaries to create exciting new work is part of the continuing spirit inspiring Glassworks magazine.” ​

Check out these fine journals. The corresponding artwork (both in the originals as well as in poster format) is available for purchase directly via my website

Gerburg Garmann

European Art Studio

(Artist & Owner)

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