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Life Lessons from an Artist: Tired? Give Yourself a Break!

(Excerpt from my piece 'Playground,' Acrylic & Charcoal; 24x48. Framed (Black). Ready to hang. $2500

You have been working non-stop. That's what you do, right? All of the sudden, you feel very tired. All of the sudden? Well, your tiredness has been building up slowly... you just did not notice it until finally... your body sends a message: Stop! Take a break! Please do yourself a favor and re-calibrate. Ask yourself: "What is important to me right now? Go for a long walk! Call up a friend! Look at a piece of art! Remember yourself as a child happily exploring your neighborhood's playground. Maybe, looking at my piece 'Playground' will help you start the relaxation process. Or, you might even be interested in gifting yourself and buy this special piece. It can become your life-long companion and a family heirloom as well. (Contact me with any questions you might have.)

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