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Fall Is Reading Time... Greetings from European Art Studio

The Reader. (Acrylic and Ink; 12x24). Framed gold. Ready to hang. (

Do you have your reading list for the fall? Novels, non-fiction, mysteries, poetry? The painting above reminds us about the joy of reading.

"The Reader" is a captivating acrylic painting that transports viewers into a world of elegance and sophistication. Within this opulently draped and richly colored setting of maroons, purples, light greens, yellows, and golds, an elegant female figure sits on a plush couch. Her intense focus on the book she holds in her hands is palpable, drawing us into her world. Despite the lavish surroundings, her complete absorption in reading suggests a seamless harmony between her and the beautifully sparse furnishings. This artwork captures the timeless allure of literature and the power it holds to transport us to another realm.

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