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Art Endures

New Covid-19 cases in Indiana -- as, unfortunately, to be expected after a new stage in the process of continued de-confinement.

Having been out and about, I have seen too many people not practicing social-distancing or wearing a mask. Some places do better than others, and I do wonder why. What pushes some of us to be responsible citizens while others don't seem to care or just don't get it?

Public health has its price; and it is so simple to keep some distance from each other and wear a mask (correctly, that is: OVER your mouth AND OVER your nose.) Keeping others and yourself safe by taking these simple precautions constitutes the intersection of responsibility and freedom. Come on, Hoosiers, you can do it!

Which brings me to the arts... I am sure you have noticed that many artistic venues in Indy are still closed. I wonder when it will be safe to invite folks back to the FIRST FRIDAYS in our city. I certainly miss people strolling through the Circle City Industrial Complex (CCIC) and visiting the artists' studios while having a good time.

And I have been asking myself (as I am sure so many other artists have) what role art can play given the current circumstances. The award-winning journalist, Vivienne Chow, put it succinctly: " Art may not be the frontline tool in fighting a deadly virus or instigating a dramatic shift in the political landscape, but it helps consolidate our thoughts and emotions in order to make sense of our past and project our future."

I hope my art and that of my fellow artists does contribute to the consolidation of your thoughts and emotions in these trying times.

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