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My Art

As an ex-pat residing in Indianapolis, painting is yet another foreign language for me. It allows me an added layer of aesthetic expression by bringing different artistic and intellectual traditions together. In the end, all artwork manifests a story. I want to tell that story by opening up pictorial spaces for various forms of personal interpretation and enjoyment.

What does art do for you?

Art connects you to your emotions and to your humanity.

My chosen mission is to inspire and encourage joyful resilience. I do this by telling -- over and over again -- the often untold stories of women by means of abstract paintings, which have the ability to be truer than non-fiction in that they gather traits, thoughts, and experiences into an attractive and meaningful composite. My work offers an offbeat quality through stark expressionistic imaging.

My art addresses those who want more than a realistic depiction of any given subject. (That’s best left to the photographer.) Instead, I embrace and mirror the edginess of our existence – that of struggle and achievement, of the real in the surreal.  


My pieces are one of a kind. They celebrate key existential moments, questions, and insights, while being intentional about bearing specific witness to women’s experiences. At the same time, my artwork memorializes people's uniqueness within the human fabric.

My pieces are meant to be life-long companions, unique gifts to yourself and those around you who appreciate the confluence of global styles of thought and depiction. In my art, I aim to honor both past and present traditions in the arts, namely as they manifest the intersections of American and European traditions.

My pieces range in size (from 4x6 to 36x48) and fit a traditional, contemporary, eclectic, residential, or corporate environment.

I accept commissions.


Art Classes

Everybody can be an artist. No matter your level of skill or perceived creativity you can still have fun and learn how to bring out the true artist in yourself. Classes are a perfect way to learn, have fun, and create something unique you can show off!

Perfect for groups, individuals, and special events classes are offered on Friday nights and Saturday mornings, and by appointment. Classes can also be booked by groups for specific days. I provide all the materials you will need! 

By Gerburg Garmann